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Did Obama Destabilized the Middle East on Purpose?

By Karin McQuillan

John Hinderacker over at Powerlineblog.com writes:

You could call his actions in the region incoherent, except that it’s worse than that, especially if you take into account his hostility toward Israel. If a consistent principle can be deduced, it is that Obama wants to avoid doing anything that might advance U.S. interests. Maybe that’s the answer, or maybe he just doesn’t care enough to formulate a real policy.  Be that as it may, one thing is clear: but for Obama’s feckless participation in the overthrow of Egypt’s and Libya’s governments, yesterday’s events would not have happened.

The answer, of course, is both incompetence and ideology.  Muddle-headed ideologues of the left, such as our president, want America to be brought down to size.  They truly believe that violent jihadi hate-groups can be tamed by appeasement, because the evil parties are Israel and America.  So Obama helps depose Mubarak and Gaddafi, knowing they will be replaced by Islamic supremacists.  He tells Israel they are on their own, we didn’t really mean it about being allies.  He blocks attempts to prevent a nuclear Iran, even by economic sanctions, because he doesn’t like American shows of force and thinks we can live with a nuclear Iran.  We lived with a nuclear Soviet Union, didn’t we?  Are we against Arabs, that we think they shouldn’t have nuclear weapons, too?  It sounds like a joke, but it isn’t.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/09/obama_destabilized_the_middle_east_on_purpose.html#ixzz26gcxkFtg


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